"...An Informative—no! Performative Essay in Three Parts Inclusive of an Analog Prologue between Myself and the Audience in which we Lay the Flagstones of Artifice in order to proceed into a Hermeneutical Exegesis of an Excerpted Portion of Yhò Focmafhrhanerhe whence a New Paradigm is Ushered."

There is an expansive mystical world that does not have a name (it does have a name shhhh) where they worship bees. We won’t tell you about it at all (we will a little), but we’re freaking out and we’ve been given a stage to freak out on (not in the contract [there is no contract]). The title is a lie—so is the show. It’s actually about friendship now. Developed and performed by Kate Zibluk and Laia Comas for Home for a Swarm of Bees.

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Image Credit: Laia Comas